Monday, October 05, 2009

Comfort Zone

This past sunday at church I was saddened by one single sentence uttered by a Sister in Christ.  "That would take me out of my comfort zone."

That sentence was in response to me asking if I could interest her in going to the Bill Glass Weekend of Champions Event to be held next month here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  She at first hesitantly said that she didn't want to, would pray for it, but that it would take her out of her comfort zone and she just couldn't do that.

I was stunned at the time to be quite frank.  But to be honest, we all have our comfort zones don't we?  I am ashamed to admit that I have one as well when it comes to ministering to people.  I don't do very well with small kids, an area that my wife is fantastic with.  So when my wife goes to her ministry of being with refugee children that live in an area of Garland, TX, I stay at home.  And for that, I need to ask forgiveness.

So the next time she goes out, and I am available, I need to go with her.

I have other comfort zones, but when it comes to ministering to those who the world considers the least, be they prisoners, refugees, children or the aged, we need to look to Christ as our example.  He broke so many taboos, ate with those no one else would, and the world took notice.

It's time I do the same thing.  It's time to leave my comfort zone.  I pray it's yours too.

In His Service


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